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Paragliding Cost in Bir Billing

Paragliding Cost in Bir Billing fluctuates as per the type of flying. A typical Bir Billing paragliding price costs INR 3000 onwards that allows you to fly for somewhere in the range of 15 to 20 minutes. The administrators regularly consolidate paragliding with trekking and outdoor alternatives and henceforth the bundles start from INR 5,500 onwards. Additionally, the courses which may last as long as 9 days, are estimated at INR 9,900 onwards. All in all, I simply had a thrilling experience and I must say that visiting Bir Billing is a must-visit place for paragliding.

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Steep Mountains

Bir Billing Paragliding

The majority of people might be afraid of climbing heights (including me, I fear heights) but love to do adventures and climb heights at least once a lifetime. Well, recently I got a chance to overcome my fear a few months back when my friends insisted to join a sudden unplanned trip. And after we drove almost half the way, I realized that we were heading to the 2nd best paragliding spot in the world; yes, it was Bir Billing. Without wasting any more time, let me share the minute details that everyone must know who is planning to explore this place for the first time and enjoy paragliding. So, here you go!

Paragliding in Bir Billing

Bir lies around 70 km from Dharamshala and is near various other great places such as Barot, Palampur, Mcleodganj, and so on.
Bir Billing is a popular site for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh and preferred by both Indians and outsiders. The best flying season in the area is September to November yet practically open everywhere throughout the year relying on the climate.


Reasons to do Paragliding In Bir Billing

Ideal Landing Spots

While taking off, you'll love and prefer incredibly smooth breezes. The takeoff site at Bir Billing has extraordinarily smooth and great breezes for an ideal departure. Landing requires a zone with the least dangers of mishaps. The arrival locales for paragliding in Bir Billing will come equipped with all the things.

Appropriate Air Currents

At 6 to 12 m for each second of thermals in May-June, a flyer gets ideal inspire to fly up to 5000 m. Bir Billing is admired with the best of the climatic conditions for paragliding. Indeed, even the springs get thermals of 4-8 meters for each second. Bir Billing gets a normal warm of 5 m for each second — presumably, it is conceivably the most suitable spot for paragliding.
Perfect Season For Paragliding In Bir Billing

Searching for the best ideal time for paragliding in Bir Billing? On the off chance that you are thinking about Bir Billing paragliding season, at that point let us disclose to you that it tends to be visited all as the year progressed, March to May and October – November are best for paragliding because of excellent thermals.

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