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Learn Paragliding in India

Learn to Fly with India's Top pilots and Instructors with decades of Safety record. Best & latest flying equipment.

Each year we certify and train several students from all over the world. With our years of flying experience and expertise in wind and related geoscience, we provide unmatched training and certifications from Paragliding courses in Bir Billing.

We are lucky to serve the Indian Air Force, Bir Himachal Pradesh Tourism and Sikkim Tourism

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@:- Billing Paragliding Association

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Level P1 & P2 

Duration - 10 days

Location - Bir Billing

Course Includes 

Basic Flight Physics, Ground Practice, Introduction to gears and equipment 

Safety and emergency management.


Course Fee
Rs. 30,000
Level P3
Duration - 7 days
Location - Bir Billing
Course Includes 

Solo flight, Flight Physics and wind condition, Ground and assisted flight Practice, Introduction to flight techniques and Emergency landing techniques.

Course Fee
Rs. 35,000
Level P4
Duration - 10 days
Location - Billing
Course Includes 

Cross Country 15-20 Kms everyday supervised by Flight Instructor. This is suitable only if you are highly familiar and comfortable with all aspects of flight science.

Course Fee
Rs. 50,000

Bir Billing Paragliding Course

We have trained the Indian Air Force
and partners of Himachal Tourism & Sikkim Tourism

Paragliding Billing

Tandem paragliding gives you wings to fly high and touch skies

Tandem Paragliding is joy ride and best way to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Dhauladar ranges with complete safety in Paragliding in India. This is the easiest way to experience flying like an eagle.


You do not need any kind of training or experience to ride this joy. You are neither too young nor too old for this ride. You simply need to sit on a separate and comfortable seat beside your pilot and enjoy the fun. Tandem paraglider is larger paragliding wings designed to carry one passenger and the pilot. Our paragliding course in bir billing is the very affordable. You can check our website billing paragliding association for registration.

Tandem paragliding in Bir

Tandem Joy Ride 

Normal Fly
Duration: 15-20 mins

Flight Fee

Rs. 3,000

Tandem Joy Ride 

Medium Fly
Duration: 20-40 mins

Flight Fee

Rs. 3,500

Tandem Joy Ride 

Cross Country Fly
Duration: 60-90 mins

Flight Fee

Rs. 6,000

Super Cross Country Flight

Distance  - 15 to 25km

Duration: 90 to 120mins

Flight Fee

Rs. 12,000

Sun rise/set Tandem Joy Ride 

Timing - dawn and dusk

Flight Fee

Rs. 2,500

Sensation tandem flight

Mini acrobatics flight

Flight Fee

Rs. 3,500

Paragliding in Bir and Billing

We are highly experienced & safe pilots with decades of flying thousands of hours and all satisfied clients

We are a team of paragliding pilots who believes in going beyond impossible and embrace what we do. Our goal is to promote the sports of paragliding in bir billing by offering safe standardized courses and an encouraging atmosphere to all who want to try the sport. Our team is committed to promote the sport, maintaining the flying sites and preserving the ecological balance of the area for the future generations.

Bir Billig Adventure Team

Paragliding Course in India - Himachal Pradesh, Bir Billing

Paragliding Training Course Details, Price & Duration

Paragliding Billing ensures that you learn landing part with more focus, these all things are for personals who is want to go for professional paragliding, for those who want to do paragliding for leisure purposes we have a dedicated professional paraglider who will accompany you from the staring till your landing. He will brief you about the whole process, how to run will taking off, how to hold your position while in air, how to bend and straighten your legs while landing, one of the other interesting things is the video camera that will record your whole flight.

Our paragliders are professionally trained with international certification, some of them are international paragliders who participated in various international events, paragliding cost billing paragliding schools in bir billing are known throughout the world for their professionalism and training. If you are truly an adventure lover and wants to go for professional and leisure paragliding, visit paragliding Billing once in your life and we promise to make your moment memorable. Paragliding Course in India

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