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Winter flying season

Updated: Feb 2

Winter flying season is start in bir billing

now the winter flying season will be start in bir billing. book ur slot for special flights over snowing moutains. now dhouladhar range cover with snow and heavy snow fall at one of the best and highest paragliding site in the world bir billing. so its a best chance to do paragliding over the snow capped moutains and bie billing.

so we welcome to all of u pls visit here and get a best flight experience with our team

thank u

team Paragliding Billing

Bio :-

hi friends my name is Prakash Thakur (Pinku Thakur).im a professional paragliding pilot and instructor. In this you tube channel u will get all information about paragliding , paragliding training and paragliding tandem joy ride . We help u to know about paragliding adventure sports. How safe is paragliding at bir billing. Is ur pilot safe for you or not

Also training classes. And about competition and paragliding events. We introduced how many types of adventure sports to do in bir billing .

for more information pls subscribe my you tube channel . thank u


Paragliding School In Bir Billing

Paragliding Training

Paragliding Training In Bir Billing

Paraglidng Cost In Bir Billing

Paragliding In Manali

Paragliding In Bir Billing

Paragliding Bir Billing

learn Paragliding

How To Contact for Paragliding

U can meet us at bir billing or visit our web website or call us 📞 8894900102

where is the best place to leran paragliding

bir billing is the one of the best place for learning. Bir billing is safe paragliding site so u can learn here.

How to learn paragliding

Paragliding is a art. Paragliding is a high adventure sport so need physically fit. Paragliding Training start from ground handling and theory season. Once ur handling and skills are good enough then u can start basic solo fights.

Learn paragliding with us

We have a highly qualified and experienced pilot and instructor. thousands of students done paragliding course from our school . Safety and quality is our priority. Make safe for all.


Paragliding Adventure 📞 8894900102

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