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Beginner Paragliding Pilot Must Know (P1)

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

This blog is for beginner student pilots, who are coming for their first P1 paragliding course. It lists the basic things to carry with you and also be prepared for.

1. Shoes and Clothing

You will need shoes with great grip and knee protection. Think of hiking boots. They are uncomfortable but better than broken/sprained ankles. There will lot of running and dragging and a good shoes will save will be worth your investment.

Clothes need to also provide some protection against abrasions.

You will need clothing according to season and which gives maximum protection against sun.

Note: please choose clothing with zippers. When running with paraglider, you will loose your phone, money and your precious things.

2. Physical fitness

First 3 days of paragliding training (P1) are physically demanding. You need to have basic physical fitness of running/jogging/walking 2-3 kms. Be able to carry 12-15kgs for a km, at least. Please start training, a month before your paragliding course starts and get in shape. Otherwise, you will not enjoy your P1 course.

3. Free time & Mind

Meeting, meeting and meeting. A lot of students who come to us are stressed about work and seem always in a meeting. It is difficult to train them. If you are not 100% dedicated to your paragliding course, you will never become confident of your takeoff procedure. We do not allow students to fly, if we deem them incapable. Please clear your schedule and calendar before you become for training.

4. Sportsman attitude

We love people with positive attitude. As a paragliding student, there will be physical and mental strain on you and there will be frustrations and most of the time you will feel like giving up. As instructors, we will help you in all these aspects, but only prerequisite is your willingness to never give up. Persist and it will all be worth it, when you leave ground and take your maiden flight. Trust us.

5. Covid precautions

Please be safe and take all precautions during your training. We trust that you are the best judge of it. Please be fully vaccinated before joining the course. Be socially responsible.

6. Safety precautions

I know, the image is a little dramatic. Safety is of paramount importance to us. It is our responsibility to keep you safe. We repeat safety instructions and also get angry when we see students taking them lightly. Unlike, other sports, paragliding can be fatal. Please keep this in mind and double check everything. Do ask your instructors hundreds of time, if anything seems amiss. Trust your instincts. Trust your training. Never blindly trust your equipment.

7. Hydration bags

Being in the sun, brings in dehydration and thats leads to lack of concentration. Please invest in a hydration backpack as they are cheap and will be worth it. We see a lot of students asking/begging others for water. Its precious for everyone and not easy to share. Its a basic thing, but will be important.

Carry a good UV sunscreen and sunglasses. These are essential tools to make your training enjoyable. Also carry glucose and sweets that you can munch on during training.

Note: Choose clothing with zippers.

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